Please describe your publication service to us?

For journals listed in directories like Scopus, WOS, Google Scholar, and others, we provide publication services. We provide assistance to our authors by publishing their papers. We help our authors at every stage of the process, from selecting the best journal to writing and submitting the paper to that journal.

Does E-Publication offer publications in languages other than English?

Yes, we do publish research articles in a wide range of languages spoken throughout the world. Nevertheless, we charge a translation fee for it to maintain the journal's quality on par with that of the English language. Additionally, we work to keep the same standard of peer review.

Can I get more information about your procedure for publication?

The following points describe the publication procedure of the E-Publication.

1. Send your article in a Word file so we can check the plagiarism.

2. Through WhatsApp or email, we will review your article and recommend a suitable journal with a detailed description.

3. We will suggest a journal description and confirm the journal fee.

4. After confirmation of the journal fee, we will provide you with the letter of acceptance and invoice.

5. Once the charges are confirmed, the article is submitted to the chosen journal.

6. We provide the official publication URL and the PDF of the article after it has been published.

What is the role of impact factors in article rankings?

The impact factor, which is frequently used to evaluate a journal's relative relevance within its field, determines the frequency with which the "average article" in a journal has been referenced during a specific time period. The journal with the highest IFs is the one that publishes the most review articles.

At E-Publication, we are committed to providing the value and quality ranking that the author requires, as well as guaranteeing that the author's paper is received and approved by metric-based indexed journals such as CiteFactor, DRJI, Scientific-Indexing-Services, International-Institute-of-Organized-Research-(I2OR), Academic-Resource-Index (ResourceBib), International Scientific Indexing, (ISI), SJIF, Directory-of-Open-Access-Scholarly-Journals,etc.

Are you providing research guidance?

Yes, we do provide research assistance to our esteemed authors. Our research advice team is made up of experts who provide research professionals with comprehensive research counseling services. We provide the best possible assistance to our authors and researchers when it comes to developing research questions, hypotheses, and publishing procedures.

Which types of articles does E-Publication publish?

We provide a wide range of research publications, including research articles, reviews, case studies, short commentaries, short communications, and so on.

Do you provide a report on the article review?

Yes, we do provide an article review report. All papers are peer reviewed and formatted according to the requirements of the target journal using a double-blind review process.

What are editorial and peer-reviewed articles in The E-Publication?

Our editors ensure the integrity, quality, and general intellectual content of the peer-reviewed article, as well as oversee the review process to ensure it is thorough, original, authentic, and current. They are responsible for maintaining the journal's aim and scope by selecting papers that offer new, original, and significant advances to the author's knowledge.

Is the promotion of our research article important before proceeding with publication?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary. It is preferable to use social media networks to interact with your peers and promote your article widely across large reading communities. This will aid in the peer-review process for your article and will help it be published in the top indexed journals.

Are you providing the DOI?

Yes, we provide your article with a DOI to give it a digital identity that allows you to track its growth and citations; however, this is dependent on the journal you choose.

What is the role of ethical practices in the publication of articles?

Respecting intellectual property, privacy, and confidentiality, as well as giving appropriate credit to other researchers' contributions, are all examples of ethical practices. Ethics are critical components in making research more promising and reliable.

Are you providing authorship?

Yes, we offer authorship as well as multiple authorship options through our previous authors and upcoming authors who can fund themselves.

How do I submit a manuscript for publication?

Always make sure that your research paper is relevant to the journal's scope. After writing your peer-reviewed article according to the rules, you must usually submit it through an online submission system. This method allows you to post your article as well as any supporting materials in your article research work, such as creative artwork, figures, graphs, pie charts, tables, spreadsheets, and so on.

Does E-Publication index papers in international journal indexing lists?

Yes, many research practice articles from various fields and areas have been indexed by E-Publication in the world's most comprehensive research journal database indexing, CiteFactor, DRJI, Scientific-Indexing-Services, International-Institute-of-Organized-Research-(I2OR), Academic-Resource-Index (ResourceBib), International Scientific Indexing, (ISI), SJIF, Directory-of-Open-Access-Scholarly-Journals,etc.

What are the benefits of making an article open-access?

Open-access articles are viewed and cited more than closed-access articles. It inspires other researchers to pursue interdisciplinary projects. By making your article open access, readers, new authors, and researchers can conduct global collaborative research from anywhere in the world, while also demonstrating to the readership that your article work is unique and not plagiarized.