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E-Publication Services offers scholarly article publication and consultation services in research database journals, ensuring high-quality articles expeditiously.

Our Services

Research Guidance

We are a well-known research assistance and article publication agency comprised of a team of professionals capable of providing precise end-to-end research and consultation services in publishing journals for academic researchers. Authors have only a hazy understanding of how research publications work. These authors receive genuine guidance and, if necessary, proper proofreading.

Research Publication

Your article has been approved by ethics, editors, peers, and target journals. We have a strong network and partnership with major metric-based target journals such as SCOPUS, Web of Science, PubMed, SJR, DOAJ, UGC care list, ABDC, index Copernicus, EBOSCO, Google Scholar, DOI, crossref, EMBASE, and others, and we also provide scholarly researchers with indexing services.

Conference Proceeding

We hold virtual meetings and hybrid conference proceedings to allow our authors to discuss their questions, concerns, recommendations, comments, and opinions with our panel of experts using a variety of web technologies such as Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and others. Authors are free to engage with our expert panel in whatever way they see fit.

"We publish your work in the world's most prestigious indexed databases, such as Google Scholar, Scopus, WOS, PubMed, and others."


Publication Process

Requirement Specification

  • Indexing list requirements
  • Journal's Scope of interst
  • Anticipated time for publication
  • Maximum budget for publication charges
  • Target Journal information
  • Selected Journals list
  • Other miscellaneous information like ID cards
  • Original Article file
  • Final Procedure

  • We provide list of Journals with Author's requirements
  • Author needs to make a selection from the given list of Journals
  • The author can check the authenticity by visiting the Journal's website
  • The article will be processed with the selected Journal
  • Acceptance is obtained form the research database indexed journal
  • The author needs to pay the charges as per the terms and policies
  • We notify the Author about their article published in their required Journal
  • We also provide the Author with the official publication URL of their article