About E-Publication Scholars’ Chapters

E-publication chapters bring together Scholarly Personnel, forming a strong network in the international community. E-publication chapter organizers are responsible for maintaining the frequency and quality of activity in the research scholarly region, as well as promoting member-specific activities to facilitate interdisciplinary research. They must be able to do the following:

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Ways to improve chapter engagement activities

  • We invite our distinguished speakers to address the research questions of chapter members, such as academic professionals.
  • Organize the event in collaboration with the local communities and publicize it to attract a large audience or new members.
  • Invite industry professional peers and promote the event with our important chapter members. This encourages dialogue and an idea-sharing platform.
  • Screenings are excellent venues for showcasing locally produced short video clips or animations.
  • Host a dinner party to foster mutual understanding and corporate relationships that will lead to mutual trust and respect.
  • Organize charitable activities, industrial visits, promotions, long-term results, productive workshops, meetings, team travel, and enlightening speeches.

Ideas for scholarly chapters activities